Yoga Poses For People Who Aren’t Flexible

Despite the story Instagram tells you, you don’t have to be an acrobatic contortionist to get around yoga poses. Gaining flexibility is one of the main goals of yoga, which...

5 Yoga asanas to fight the hair loss blues

Yoga has a plethora of benefits for holistic wellness. This historic type of health, which can also be...

Exercises and foods that can naturally better your eyesight

The eyes are considered one of the major organs in the body, and our eyesight is one of...

7 benefits of regular physical activity

The health benefits of physical activity and regular exercise are difficult to ignore. Everyone is helped from exercise,...

International Yoga Day 2021: Theme And History

Yoga has always been an important part of India’s culture and civilization as it is not just beneficial for the body but also renews the mind with confidence. Theme 2021 The...

Simple facial exercises to firm the skin, stop wrinkles

Most of us maintain a robust skin care routine in an attempt to delay aging and keep fine lines and wrinkles at bay. But did you know that there are...

Activity and exercise for patients with heart failure

People with heart failure feel good when they stay active. Years ago, patients were told to rest and stop their activities. But, now research shows that normal activity is safe...

Mandukasana And Its Benefits | Health & Fitness

Yoga is not only about physical training, but it is a perfect amalgamation of body, mind, spirit, and emotion wellness. Mandukasana or frog pose is one of the easiest yet...

Renowned yoga expert guides us through easy asanas

The path to successful recovery from covid-19 is built by a number of prescribed medications, therapies, and mind-boosting activities. Although we have already introduced you to some simple yoga asanas...

10 Easy home workouts to start your day| Health & Fitness

We understand that the gym is your sanctuary. It’s more than a room filled with equipment, fast-paced music, and energetic personal trainers pushing you to do your best. It’s a...


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