Music’s Impact on Cognitive Health

Fresh out of graduate school, I was in the first rotation of my internship at the Washington DC Veterans Affairs Medical Center (DC VAMC). The rotation was in the nursing home care unit, where the VAMC had an amazing music and movement therapist. The therapist, who was previously a professional dancer until a career-ending...

8 Physician Employment Contract Items You Need to Know About

Unless you start your own practice after training, you will be signing an employment contract. The contract is critical in bridging the expectations of you and your employer. It also gives you the chance to lay out what you want from your employment. Your contract is composed of a number of important clauses and provisions,...

Surgery with an “Appy” Ending

So God created mankind in his own image,    in the image of God he created them;    male and female he created them. Genesis 1:27 New International Version Years ago, when I was a freshman at Stanford, I acted in a few college plays. One of my favorite roles was E.K. Hornbeck, the cynical wise-cracking reporter in Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee’s...

Is the COVID Vaccine Safe During Pregnancy?

Although many folks are looking forward to receiving the highly-anticipated COVID vaccine, there are others who are meeting this opportunity with trepidation rather than anticipation  — specifically women who are pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant. And why is this? Primarily it’s because up until this point,  there has been limited published data about...

Artery Heart Disease is Different in Women

The specific research around the ways heart artery disease is different in women has been done. It is landmark research that has life or death implications. There are dozens of scientific articles1 that address this topic. Differing Symptom Patterns In all American medicine, there is no better example of the disconnect between what we know and what we...

Poison Ivy: How to Treat that Itchy Rash

Days are getting longer, the temperatures are rising, and stay-at-home restrictions are easing. As a result, many of us are spending more time outdoors. Hikers are hiking, mountain bikers are biking, and gardeners are gardening. Unfortunately, these activities are not risk-free when it comes to your skin. Depending on where you live, you may...

Guidance on Chronic Illness and the COVID 19 Vaccine

As part of the COVID-19 patient support program, the Global Healthy Living Foundation1 and their digital, international arthritis organization, CreakyJoints2, have been speaking to experts, reviewing peer-reviewed literature, and reading government guidance to understand what people living with chronic disease need to know about getting vaccinated. In this article, we use that knowledge to...

A Muscular Dystrophy Diagnosis, a Bike Race and a Daugher’s Love

  I am a sixty-year-old anesthesiologist fast approaching the home stretch of my time practicing medicine. I am hoping for five, maybe six more years at the most. When I have turned the desflurane vaporizer1 off after anesthetizing my last patient, I plan on being ready for whatever comes next. I am also a storyteller and write...

What Makes Them Tic? The Facts about Tourette Syndrome

Key Takeaway Points about Tourette Syndrome (TS)   The Centers for Disease Control estimates that 0.3% of children age 6 – 17 years in the United States have received a diagnosis of Tourette syndrome (about 148,000 children), but some reviews put this number as high as 0.9%.  At least half of children with this condition remain...

Uninsured Older Americans Have Worse Cancer Outcomes than Medicare Beneficiaries

Key Takeaways: There is a dose-response effect on cancer survival that varies by type of insurance coverage Uninsured patients are twice as likely to have late-stage disease when first diagnosed compared to older Medicare beneficiaries Survival after a cancer diagnosis is lower in younger uninsured patients than in older Medicare patients   We have known for many years that...


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