Best Vegetables to Juice

A glass of juice a day keeps all these calories away! This doesn’t just apply to the apples you see! Have you ever felt this overwhelming disappointment when you didn’t adapt to your old pair of jeans? Have you avoided the scales like a plague? Well, I can totally sympathize with you, but turning a blind eye to reality will not change anything.

Running away from your problems will not help you, a real race, on the other hand, could help you! But with the super busy schedule, this seems like a vague possibility. Don’t worry, however; you can always get rid of those extra pounds! A glass of fresh green vegetable juice in the morning is the perfect way to start the day.

Nutritious Vegetables Good For Juicing

Think of the vegetables you choose to prepare as a delivery driver trying to make a record time. Keep in mind that juicing is pretty much an express train of nutrients that quickly pass through your body.

Here are some of the best vegetables to put in your juicer. They are full of nutrients and extremely beneficial for good health.

However, keep in mind that this list is not exhaustive as most vegetables can be squeezed despite the fact that they will not give the same amount of juice.


Rich in protein, minerals and calcium, kale is definitely a vegetable that you should include in your liquid diet. This plant is full of benefits and is wonderful for your body. It is full of iron and folic acid which are good for your eyes. High in fiber, kale is also very good for digestion and keeps your cholesterol in check in addition to providing good cardiovascular support. Rich in antioxidants and vitamin K, kale also prevents cancer and strengthens bones. Overall, kale is a great option for healthy body growth and your mental form.


Celery is, I believe, one of the most underrated vegetables and never deserves its credit. It is not only aesthetic and used to garnish this vegetable, but also has other advantages. Celery is very rich in potassium and has an impressive water content, making it an ideal vegetable to add to your juice. It keeps you hydrated and energized throughout the day. In addition, potassium is good for the heart and helps in skeletal and muscular contraction. It even contributes to the proper digestion of food. It is also rich in vitamin A while the roots contain vitamins B1, B2, B6 and C.


Broccoli belongs to the same group as cabbage and is often served cooked rather than pressed. Now, broccoli can be very unpleasant if eaten raw, so try mixing it with sweeter vegetables like beets or carrots. Broccoli is very rich in iron, an important mineral that contributes to the production of blood. In addition, the high levels of folate help form DNA and help the brain function properly. It even keeps your eyes, skin, hair and liver healthy and in good working order. The antioxidant purifies the body of harmful toxins and strengthens immunity. Rich in vitamin K, it even helps blood clotting and strengthens your teeth and bones.

Sweet potatoes

Sweet potato, a very pleasant name, right? True to its name, it has a sweet taste and is also very good for the body. It has a very low calorie count and helps fight obesity. Also rich in vitamins A and C, sweet potatoes improve eyesight and boost immunity. It even contains good amounts of folate, iron, copper-calcium and fiber. It improves digestion, increases metabolism, strengthens bones, helps make more blood and even fights cancer. In addition, folate contributes to general mental and emotional well-being.

Dandelion greens

Dandelion is one of those weeds that is surprisingly very beneficial for the body. It is no longer an obstacle that must be torn from the lawns. The antioxidants present in dandelion greens are wonderful for curing allergies and maintaining blood sugar levels. They even contain high levels of calcium, iron, minerals and proteins. It strengthens the bones and contributes to the overall growth of the body. Dandelion greens even fight obesity because they have very few calories. Rich in vitamin B, these green leaves, when consumed in the form of juice, instantly energize the body and also detoxify the body. They are also very beneficial for the kidney and the eyes.


Wheatgrass is another popular juice option that is good for your taste buds and your body. It is known for its effective healing properties and is even very rich in minerals and vitamins. Excellent source of vitamin A, complex B, C, E, I and K, wheatgrass even has very high levels of protein and 17 amino acids! Consuming a wheatgrass concoction is very beneficial for you. Filled with so many qualities, it improves eyesight, strengthens bones, purifies the body of toxins, improves metabolism, boosts immunity and also helps in good digestion. Phew! Is there anything this amazing vegetable can’t do!


Popeye was right, you know; spinach makes you really strong and healthy! Green leafy vegetables packed with vitamins and minerals, spinach provides solid-liquid nutrition. It is loaded with amino acids, potassium, iron, iodine and vitamins A, C, K, E and B complexes. It maintains the pH of the body and is a very rich source of protein. In addition, it prevents arthritis from afflicting the bones. Spinach is also particularly good for you if you want muscle growth. It helps to lose weight and is very good for the skin, hair and eyes. It even fights cancer cells. Rich in fiber, spinach boosts your metabolism and also improves digestion.


Carrots are the most obvious choice for juice and rightly so; they are full of advantages! The most valued carrots are good for the eyesight. But that’s not all! This pretty vegetable is readily available and quite affordable. Rich in vitamin A, it prevents night blindness. In addition, the many antioxidants found in carrots are a natural way to keep your skin glowing and young. It cleanses your body of harmful toxins and reduces the risk of cancer and other heart diseases. It strengthens your immunity and the fiber content takes care of the digestive system. Consuming carrot juice even keeps your cholesterol and sugar levels under control.


Cabbage leaves aren’t really the conventional juice material; they are mainly used in salads, but mixing them is not such a bad idea. They are available in abundance and are very easy to pocket too! In addition, cabbage has a very high water content which keeps you hydrated and full. They’re even rich in vitamin C and folate, which boost your immunity and dramatically increase your metabolism, helping you digest food faster. In addition, cabbage juice helps prevent breast cancer, lung cancer, stomach cancer, etc. and is very beneficial for cancer patients. It is also a great way to reduce weight as it is calorie-free and also helps in eliminating body waste.

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